The Select Solution

A psychometric tool that improves the accuracy of your hiring and effectively integrates your resources!

The Select report provides managers with a precise, instant portrait of candidates. It presents their personality profile, their aptitudes and cognitive abilities, as well as their level of mastery of specific skills related to each position. It also gives you access to personalized questions based on their profiles, whether for interviewing, reference or integration into the position.

Why choose Select?

Optimize your selection process with a tool that provides detailed psychometric results for your candidates.

Enhance the accuracy of your recruitment with questions tailored to your candidates’ profiles.

More accurately anticipate the level of performance at work and the possibilities of developing the skills of your resources.

How does the Select solution work?

Select gives you complete autonomy in managing the assessment process.

Step 1

Connect to the TalenTest platform to create your candidates’ profiles.

Step 2

Select the Select assessment. An invitation e-mail containing the secure test link and the deadline for completion is automatically sent to candidates.

Step 3

Candidates can take the test in either French or English, at their convenience. The Select test takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Step 4

As soon as the test is completed, you have instant access to the report, which provides a profile of the candidates and a detailed description of their main strengths and areas for improvement, in addition to a grid of personalized questions.

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