Professional and Technical

The “Professional and Technical” session is ideal for your professional and technical positions, whether it be an engineer, HR consultant, maintenance technician, logistics coordinator, etc. In fact, all professional and technical positions that are part of your organization. Our team of psychometric experts have identified the elements that will allow candidates to be successful in this type of position.


The solution to make the best choice and
successfully integrate your candidates.

60 min.
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The Select solution allows you to equip your HR teams in selecting and integrating your candidates. The report not only provides detailed psychometric results, but also a series of questions specific to the individual’s profile, in order to guide your subsequent interviews, reference checks and integration into the workplace.

This report allows you to reach a high level of precision in the choice of questions to ask during the interview and to match your existing processes, thus allowing you to better predict the work performance and development potential of your candidates.

No more waiting!
The report is available automatically as soon as the candidate completes the assessment. Moreover, if you wish to develop the potential of your candidate, the results can also be used to start the Mobiliz or Develop processes. For more information, do not hesitate to speak to one of our consultants!

Personality profile
  • Collaboration & teamwork
  • Self-management
  • Openness and adaptability
  • Rigor and performance
Required skills
  • Informing Others
  • Organization Skill
  • Comfort with Diversity
  • Expertise
  • Resourcefulness
Reflective skills
  • Verbal Abilities
  • Logical Thinking
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Mechanical Thinking

Questions to use in the interview and onboarding process

20 behavioral questions

Questions to use when taking references

20 reference questions

Possibility of access to the EVOLUTIV series (to come)

Talent management solutions


The solution to mobilize and engage
the potential of each individual.

15 min.
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The Mobiliz solution helps you target the key actions to be deployed in order to maintain, mobilize and engage your employees towards organizational success.

The analysis of your resources’ professional profile allows us to identify the elements inherent in their motivation at work. Your HR team will then be able to suggest to your managers concrete actions to mobilize their employees.

Each person is unique, so adapt your way of mobilizing !
The mobilization of an individual is based on several elements, such as professional development, the relationship with the immediate superior, or the work climate. We believe that, depending on his or her professional profile, a person will be more or less attentive to certain factors. Our report presents the important elements to consider in your daily interactions with your employees so that you can promote their learning at work, optimize their performance, communicate effectively, and exert a positive influence on them.

Mobiliz is a structured human resources management tool to inspire and retain your talent.

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