Preselect Solution

A psychometric tool to simplify your mass hiring and to ensure that you make the right choices!

The Preselect report gives the manager an accurate, instant portrait of the candidates. It presents their personality profile, their aptitudes and cognitive abilities, as well as their level of mastery of specific skills related to each position. You’ll know immediately whether or not your candidates are the right fit for your organization. Put your trust in an effective pre-selection!

Why choose Preselect?

Simplify the recruitment process with a platform that allows you to study the profiles of all your candidates in one place at one time.

To be able to objectively analyze the match between the people assessed and the profile sought.

Manage your assessment processes freely and without delay, so that you can make the right decisions quickly and easily.

How does the Preselect solution work?

Preselect gives you complete autonomy in managing the assessment process.


Connect to the TalenTest platform to create your candidates’ profiles.


Select the Preselect assessment. An invitation e-mail containing the secure test link and the deadline for completion is automatically sent to candidates.


Candidates can take the test in either English or French, at their convenience. The Preselect test takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.


As soon as the test is completed, you have instant access to the report, which presents the candidates’ profiles and a detailed description of their main strengths and areas for improvement.

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