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Management and senior management positions

Every individual is multidimensional, so is every organization. For positions that involve higher level management responsibilities, we suggest personalized coaching by our team of seasoned experts. Our organizational development services are supported by a competency framework specifically developed for these types of positions.

Our passion is to help you synchronize the different types of intelligence of your talents to maximize the potential and manage the growth of your organization.

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Our competency framework

TalenTest.io -> .io = organizational intelligence

The result of 25 years of intervention and 5 years of research and development, this repository of 49 competencies is the cornerstone of our assessments. The level of mastery of each of the competencies is evaluated using tools that allow us to accurately establish the person's current level of effectiveness, as well as his or her ability to improve performance in the years to come. Finally, this reference system also helps us prioritize development paths.

As members of the OCCOQ (Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d'orientation du Québec), the Ordre des CRHA (conseillers en ressources humaines agréés) and the ICF (International Coaching Federation), the use of psychometric instruments that meet recognized standards is essential for our team. Valid and reliable, our tools provide a clear reading of personality traits, values, skills and management style.

An individual's ability to assimilate and process varied information in order to feed their reasoning
Their ability to take into account their feelings, their own potentialities and their limits in order to manage themselves and adapt to events
Their ability to understand others, to communicate with them and to anticipate their behaviour
Their ability to maximize the value of their actions by selecting priority items and making a focused effort to achieve them
Their ability to pay attention to the needs of others, to create strong bonds of trust with them and to persuade them in a context of winning relationships
Their ability to develop and use a management framework to effectively coordinate the implementation of the resources under their responsibility
Their ability to establish a global vision, which allows them to understand the strategic information as a whole and to observe the relationships between them
Learning agility
Strong interpersonal Skills
Professional efficiency
Conflict management
Strategic thinking
Strong analytical abilities
Communication skills
Results focused
Commitment stimulation
Organization skills
Systemic thinking
Performance under pressure
Quality focused
Influence and persuasion
Social thinking
Self-reliance and initiative
Client focus
Priorities management
Managerial courage
Political thinking
Expertise and credibility
Need to succeed
Corporate citizenship
Project management
Perfomance optimization
Delegate and empower
Alternative thinking
Quality decisions
Promotion of an inspiring vision
Setting and managing KPI
Trust building
Business accumen
Entrepreneurial thinking
Innovation management
Capacity to evolve
Promotion of an inspiring vision
Change management
Organizational agilty
Managing diversity
Complexe thinking
Competencies assessed for first level management positions
Competencies assessed for management positions
Competencies assessed for senior management positions
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