Frequently Asked Questions

The TalenTest platform was created to allow you to obtain quick and efficient results regarding the professional profiles of the candidates you wish to evaluate. It allows you to access a variety of reports according to your needs and the positions to be filled.

Talent development is now standard in human resources best practices. We are able to help you discover the strengths and weaknesses of your resources in order to update their development within a concrete, rigorous and mobilizing action plan.

Our assessments include three key dimensions of your candidates’ professional profile: personality, cognitive abilities and readiness to deploy the targeted competencies. Among other things, in our rapid assessment tools called PreSelect, we have identified frequently used competencies according to job categories: trades and operations, professional and technical, administrative personnel, sales and customer service. Depending on the type of position, the candidate is asked to take predetermined tests and the results are compared to what is expected by the employer.

Our tools meet and exceed psychometric expectations. In addition to using standardized, validated and accurate instruments, we regularly review all the items in each one of our measurement instruments to ensure compliance and readjust behavior, if necessary. In all cases, the coefficients obtained ensure the validity and fidelity of the results on which decisions that we know to be of great importance are based.

We are aware of the importance of quickly hiring the best candidates, or risk losing them. Beyond the selection process, we must also ensure that we understand our new employees, facilitate their integration into the workplace and their personal growth by offering support adapted to each one of their needs, as well as those of the organization.

Passionate about psychometrics, we keep a watchful eye on the competencies of the future that have now become realities. We revisit our proposed competency frameworks by making the modifications deemed essential to meet your current needs and future ambitions.

Yes, this is its primary purpose. We make sure to create your accesses and to explain you the functionality, which is both accessible and user-friendly. Also, as soon as an evaluated person completes his or her last test, you have immediate access to the automated report that you can save or print as needed.

Test administration is a crucial step in the selection process. Standardizing the way things are done avoids creating bias in the people being evaluated. To do so, we train the people that are responsible for this step within your organization. We also offer support for unforeseen events and questions that may arise during the process.

There are several testing platforms. The challenge is to go beyond the static offer by proposing solutions that are malleable to the needs of companies. The TalenTest platform is accessible and recognized for its multidimensional capabilities, where further reflection becomes possible to measure human progress. It is not only an assessment platform, but a platform using tools to facilitate the management of your talent.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs and the privileges associated with volume purchasing. We can also assist you in your retention, cohesion, workforce movement and skills development strategies.

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