About TalenTest

We believe that every organization has the potential to make informed choices about talent management in the context of performance and sustainability. More specifically, our mission is to reveal human potential and support the professional development of individuals and organizations using a platform of proven and scientifically validated psychometric tools developed by psychometric experts specialized in organizational development.

TalenTest was born from the synergy of three well-established banners; Diogenes, e-Potentiel and BrissonLegris, at the crossroads of their commitment to highlighting and implementing professional potential, accelerating development and mobilizing resources.

Powered by more than 20 years of research and development, the TalenTest platform offers a competency repository that draws on 100 years of experience in psychometrics, assessment, development and organizational optimization. The scientific union of the 3 banners has enabled the development of a user-friendly platform of modular, up-to-date and robust assessment tools designed to meet the ever-growing, changing and innovative needs of our clients.

Guided by the respect of its values: the spirit of innovation, rigor, and a human approach within an ethical framework, TalenTest works to produce complete individual and team portraits detailing the personality profiles, competencies, and reflective learning capacities of individuals and organizations with pinpoint accuracy.

Talentest has the privilege of generating concrete results and collaborating with strong partners who are eager to evolve in today’s market context and contribute to challenging the limits of tomorrow’s potential and skills…


Impacts of our tools

  • Improve the robustness and objectivity of the selection process by leveraging the complementarity of validated tools and tests.
  • Give every candidate the chance to bring out the best in themselves.
  • To allow us to better understand each person being evaluated, in terms of their skills, interests, motivations and attitude towards the job.
  • Confirm the best candidates in order to minimize the risks and costs associated with a poor choice.
  • Provide a complete and representative portrait of the candidate to ensure a rapid and harmonious integration and a healthy professional development.
  • Support your image as an employer of choice by offering an evaluation performed by professionals in the field.
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